What Services Are Available To Keep My Restaurant Clean?

Restaurants seek to provide a fun night out and an escape for customers, but beyond great food and good prices, customers also want to feel safe as they sit down to eat. Proper cleaning procedures are important to make sure that safety remains paramount, and they’re more important than ever because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some services that a restaurant may want to look into to make sure that their venue is at its cleanest.

Invest in equipment for cleaner air.


Indoor air quality is key to allowing customers to sit and enjoy a meal without having to feel aggravated symptoms of allergens, dust, and other triggers. Restaurants can invest in clean air technology to make sure that the indoor environment is safe for customers to breathe in and feel as though they are safe from potential exposure to bacteria or viruses.

Germicidal ultraviolet, or UV systems, offer an affordable way to filter air and remove pathogens that can end up having detrimental health impacts for customers and employees alike. It’s important to have these clean air technology solutions in place in high-traffic areas, particularly in dining rooms. This electric equipment is designed to use minimal energy, but with an aeromed technology that is designed to maintain clean air at all hours.

Clean out draft lines for beer.


If you’re a beer bar or even just have a few tap handles for draught, you’ll want to invest in draft line cleaning to make sure that any bacteria isn’t building up and being poured right into a mug. Cleaning draft lines provides fresh beer, wine, and cocktails. Pubs, bars, and restaurants should set up regular appliance maintenance. Bi-weekly cleaning of a beer line can prevent yeast buildup that can create the chance for crud to wind up in a customer’s drink.

Beer line cleaning needs to happen on a regular basis. Be sure to also consider services that offer safe cleaning solutions that ensure clean beer lines are ready for use right after maintenance. You’ll also want to make sure that your kegerators are at a proper temperature, as too high of a temp can lead to a decline in CO2 and a quicker skunk beer.

Be sure to pest-proof your establishment.


While you may not notice the issue right away, it’s recommended that restaurants invest in regular extermination to make sure that rats and other unwelcome visitors don’t make their way into your establishment. It’s important to have proper seals for cracks to prevent critters from making their way into the kitchen, leading to a potential health department violation despite your best efforts at proper cleaning.

Encourage employees to bring attention to sudden spots of droppings, or if roaches or other unwelcomed company is present. Despite even the best cleaning chemicals being utilized, it’s important to make sure that there is proper scrubbing, but also regular extermination just to stay out in front of these potential pests.

Consider regular deep cleaning.


While regular deep cleaning procedures are important, you may want to take things a step further by investing in a service that takes proper cleaning to the next level. A deep cleaning service will prevent the buildup of bacteria that may go undetected with improper cleaning by workers. Mold buildup can happen due to neglect of regular cleaning protocols, making for danger to indoor air quality. Prolonged exposures to these spores can lead to long-term health conditions and flare-ups of symptoms.

Remember, as a restaurant owner, it’s important to adhere to local and state guidelines when it comes to the health and safety of your workers and your customers. People are likely to enjoy themselves in your venue a bit longer and have a good time if they have some peace of mind regarding cleanliness.