From Props to Production: Everything You Need to Film an ’80s-Inspired Music Video

If you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time and relive the glory days of neon lights, leg warmers, and synth-heavy music, filming an ’80s-inspired music video might be just the ticket. The 1980s were a pivotal era in music video history, showcasing unique fashion trends, evolving special effects, and the fusion of music with storytelling like never before. In this article, we’ll help you bring the era to life in your video, covering everything from props to production.

Creating an Authentic ’80s Atmosphere with Props


To create a truly authentic ’80s vibe, you need to nail down the props. Start with clothing. Hunt for those classic ’80s items like high-waisted jeans, oversized blazers, and colorful leg warmers. Don’t forget accessories like chunky jewelry and oversized sunglasses.

The ’80s weren’t just about fashion; they were about a lifestyle. Think about the cultural icons of the era. Remember Michael Douglas in “Wall Street,” smoking his cigar as he manipulated the stock market? You can easily recreate that look when you buy cigars online, an option that provides a wide range of choices and price points to suit your budget. Adding such props adds an additional layer of authenticity and is sure to take your audience back in time.

Finding the Right Production Company

Your next step is to partner with the right music video production company. This could be as simple as googling “music video production near me,” or you might want to search for a company that specializes in ’80s-style productions. Check their portfolio to ensure they’ve got the right experience and aesthetic.

Your chosen production company should understand the distinctive visual effects of the era. This could include everything from stop-motion animation, as seen in Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer,” to rotoscoping, which was used in A-ha’s “Take on Me.” These techniques require skilled professionals, so be sure to discuss these elements before signing any contracts.

Incorporating the Sound of the ’80s


Just as important as the visuals are the sounds. The ’80s brought us the unforgettable electronic beats of the synthesizer, the melodic tones of the keytar, and the rebellious twangs of the electric guitar. If you’re covering an ’80s song, try to stay true to the original arrangement. If it’s an original piece, work with your musicians and sound engineers to incorporate those signature ’80s sounds into your track. Remember, your audio track is the backbone of your music video, and it should drive the narrative of your visuals.

The Art of ’80s Storytelling

Remember, music videos of the ’80s were not just about the song—they told stories. Consider classics like Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf,” which takes viewers on an adventure, or Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” which unfolds like a mini horror movie. As you storyboard your video, think about how you can take viewers on a journey that complements your music.

Embrace the power of visual storytelling to enhance the emotional impact of your song. Craft captivating characters, intriguing plotlines, and stunning visuals that captivate the audience’s imagination. Create a narrative arc that evolves alongside the music, engaging viewers from the opening scene until the climactic finale. Don’t shy away from experimenting with different settings, time periods, or even fantastical elements to transport viewers to another world.

Overall, creating an ’80s-inspired music video is about more than just fashion and music. It’s about capturing the spirit of an era known for its bold, boundary-pushing, and often outrageous music videos. By carefully selecting your props, partnering with the right production company, incorporating distinctive ’80s sounds, and focusing on storytelling, you can create a music video that not only pays homage to the ’80s but also stands out in today’s music scene. So, dig out those leg warmers, stock up on hairspray, and get ready to bring the ’80s back to life in your own unique way.