Will a Pool or Spa Increase My Home Value?

When summertime rolls around, having a swimming pool installed in your backyard is a hidden oasis to cool down on the hottest days of the year. When you’re feeling sore or tense, having a hot tub at home can help relieve those muscles that are all knotted up. Installing a pool or spa can be a tremendous personal asset, but what does it do for your home’s value? Let’s take a closer look at what these installations may offer up when you attempt to sell your house.

The Homebuyer


Pool installation is an expense that homeowners have to take on in order to get an experienced team to put a pool or hot tub where you wish to place it. Realty experts like David Lindahl recognize that a pool is a great attraction for buyers looking at single-family homes or even multifamily homes. A properly installed swimming pool attracts certain customers within the real estate market who are looking for the perfect backyard paradise to host a pool party, or just to provide their family with a source of summertime entertainment.

If you’re in the market as a homeowner for a pool installation or spa installation, be sure to take the time to research for the proper technicians to handle the installation. Googling “Hot tub, spa, and swimming pool contractors for Mercer County, NJ” can direct you to an excellent resource in this market who understands hot tub or pool installation and pool maintenance is a family business that’s all about your family’s happiness. You’ll be able to find a design that meets your specifications, creating a perfect little escape right on your own grounds.

The Neighborhood


Your home value can be sent soaring if you have a swimming pool in an area of the United States where it’s an attraction. A prospective homebuyer will likely view several homes before making a decision, so the overall real estate market in the region will significantly impact your property‚Äôs sale. If every other home has a pool or hot tub, it loses value because it lacks a one-of-a-kind quality that a buyer is looking for in their new property.

However, in more high-income areas, pools and spas are expected, acting as a status symbol of sorts for apartment buildings, condos, and single-family homes alike. These buyers are also not as concerned with the costs that are associated with pool maintenance and cleaning. Your regional location will also affect the value of your pool. In some parts of the U.S., there is snow on the ground for six months each year. In other areas, temperatures almost never dip below freezing. Pools are more desirable in extremely hot climates.

Proper Landscape


Having an in-ground pool or above-ground pool is fine, but if it’s not properly attractive, a prospective homebuyer could see it as an expense to take down or conduct renovation. The scenery around that pool or spa needs to be a lush attraction. You may want to work with a landscaping company upon installation to make sure that your backyard provides the ultimate escape from the day, anytime you’re looking to unwind from a hard day’s work.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to make sure that your pool or hot tub is a sound investment. Regular cleaning and a proper chemical routine will make sure that your system will last a long time and earn you as much money as you’re anticipating if you put your house on the market. However, if there’s no draw for a buyer, a real estate investor may see this as just extra money spent, and not returned.