What to Do After a Personal Injury in Canada

Personal injuries are physical injuries affecting your body. The term also encompasses emotional injuries and injuries to your reputation.

People can receive personal injuries in any location, including Canada, and the causes vary. In 2018, over 152,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in Canada. Car accidents are just one source of personal injuries. Whether you’re injured playing sports or you slip on a sidewalk, there are some steps you should take after a personal injury. Let’s look at the things you should do to protect your health and legal rights.

Determine if you need to file a police report.


The laws may vary based on the province or territory, but most parts of the country require motorists to notify the police if they’ve been in an accident where anyone’s injured or property’s damaged. If you’re unsure about the local requirements, notify the police after an accident to ensure you have a police report if you need one. Depending on your condition after the accident, you can also collect information. Use your cell phone to take photos, get the names and contact information of any witnesses, and make notes of any pertinent details.

Look after your legal rights.


You may need legal counsel after an accident. A personal injury lawyer can evaluate your situation to determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Personal injury lawyers can help you file for benefits if you cannot work and negotiate claims with insurance companies. They’ll argue your case if you go to court, seeking financial compensation for medical bills, damaged property, and pain and suffering.

Some injuries may prompt you to consult a lawyer with human rights and labour law experience, such as Malliha Wilson. Suppose you were injured when you were involved in a lawful human rights demonstration. There are multiple scenarios where the local or provincial government could be culpable for events causing injuries, and an experienced human rights attorney can help you determine how to address your legal issues.

You may also want to consult Malliha if you were injured at work. Suppose you were targeted at work and injured as a result of bullying your employers failed to address. Malliha has years of experience handling complex litigation. Since earning her law degree, Malliha’s worked for the Ontario government, argued cases before the Ontario Court of Appeal, and presented cases before the Supreme Court of Canada. Today, she’s a senior partner with Nava Wilson LLP, and her range of legal specialties makes her uniquely qualified to tackle complex litigation if human rights or labor issues contributed to your injury.

Seek medical attention.


Both permanent residents of Canada and Canadian citizens qualify for Canadian health care. The government-funded health care system covers primary health care services. This means you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket if you need to go to an emergency room or pursue medical tests. You should seek immediate treatment for any injuries and pursue any recommended tests to ensure you identify all injuries stemming from your accident. If you’re injured while visiting Canada from the United States or another country, you can use your travel health insurance to cover the costs of medical treatment. What’s covered will depend on the nature of your medical coverage plan.

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File a police report if you’re injured in an accident in Canada. You should also consult an attorney and ensure you understand your legal rights. Seek medical treatment for your injuries and use online pharmacy services to reduce the cost of prescription medications after your accident.