What Is Sexual Dysfunction?

When you have a problem that keeps you from wanting to participate in or enjoy any form of sexual activity, this is referred to as sexual dysfunction. Even though sexual dysfunction is experienced by people of all ages, its likelihood increases as we grow older. In most cases, sexual dysfunction is caused by stress. However, relationship issues, diabetes, sexual trauma, substance abuse, and some medications can also be responsible for sexual dysfunction.

Types of Sexual Dysfunction

Today, sexual dysfunction is grouped into four categories and includes desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and pain disorders. Desire disorders refer to a general loss of interest in sex or the absence of any sexual desire. With arousal disorders, it may be difficult for you to become physically aroused even though you could be emotionally ready. Orgasm disorders refer to the absence of a climax or orgasm, and a pain disorder occurs when the individual feels pain during intercourse.



Sexual dysfunction affects both women and men. Some of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men include difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection that’s proper for sexual intercourse. This is also known as erectile dysfunction. In other cases, sexual dysfunction in men also involves delayed ejaculation, and the inability to control the ejaculation.

In women, sexual dysfunction is marked by the inability to reach orgasm and ineffectual vaginal lubrication. In both men and women, there tends to be low libido, difficulty with arousal, and pain during intercourse.



If you notice that something is affecting you or your partner’s sexual pleasure, a medical doctor can help. In most cases, they’ll run a couple of tests to rule out any underlying health conditions. Your doctor may also assess your mental health to get an understanding of your attitudes about sex. To do this, they may refer you to a licensed therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist to help identify contributing factors to your low libido, for instance.

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Please note that VigRX is a male enhancement pill and not a form of medication. To avoid any adverse side effects, always consult your medical doctor before incorporating any herbal supplements into your health regimen.

In the event where there has been a history of sexual problems brought on by abuse, relationship problems, an anxiety disorder, or other mental health conditions, a mental health professional can get you on a therapy plan to help you have a better sexual experience. Online therapy is a great way to receive mental health services without the pressure of traditional face-to-face therapy structure. With online therapy sessions, you can work on your mental health goals in ways not possible before because all you need is a stable internet connection and access to an online therapy platform.

These days, online therapy platforms like BetterHelp, TalkSpace, and Therapy Group DC have made it possible for you to find an available therapist. Besides saving you a commute, online therapy is covered by health insurance and has fewer out-of-pocket costs, making it an affordable option to traditional therapy. Online therapists offer a range of counseling services that offer emotional support and cater to suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, LGBTQ issues, depressive symptoms, teen counseling, insomnia, and a wide range of issues.

Online therapy offers the same mental health care as that offered in traditional therapy, so this is to say that it also incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), couples therapy, sexual stigma dismantlement, Pride counseling, and mental health counseling in a safe space in the comfort of your own home.