Starting Over After Divorce: Tips to Pursue Your Passion

Coming fresh out of a divorce can be a thrilling experience. Life, as you knew it, with its chapters involving your old partner in crime, will never be the same. For whatever reason you guys decided to call it quits, hopefully, everyone came out of the situation with a newfound sense of inner peace, and a recharged enthusiasm for exploring the world.


Even more importantly, hopefully, nobody fell into one of those nasty social media traps. You know, the ones where someone posts a picture of an outing with some friends to make the other one jealous. So, hopefully, everyone kept it cordial and nobody fell prey to one of those unfortunate situations. That being said, while the period of time that follows the divorce might be marked by a lot more socializing, dating, drinks, and maybe spiritual healing, it can also be a ripe time for reinventing yourself to pursue your passion. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips for successfully pursuing your passion when you’re fresh off a divorce.


Replace the negativity with positive affirmations.


Fear can grip so many people when they’re working on getting their footing after a divorce. Suddenly, that person you used to navigate this wild world isn’t by your side anymore, and it can feel isolating. Self-doubt can creep in and poison your psyche. It’s crucial to center yourself and dismiss those waves of negativity by starting up with a gratitude journal. You can use a gratitude journal to jot down up to 10 things about each day that you were grateful for. Your energy flows where your focus goes, and just making that conscious effort to praise the positive snapshots from the day can work wonders for uplifting the rest of your psyche. It’s a whole lot easier to pursue your passion when you’re coming at it with a positive mindset.


Know the costs and make a financial roadmap.


After your divorce, you may also be thinking of starting with a fresh, blank slate in other areas of your life too — like your career. When you’ve identified what kind of career move you want to make, it’s crucial to consider how much that’s going to cost you. Are you going to need training for this new career? For instance, you could be thinking about a wildly impressive undertaking like going to law school at 30. Have you considered how comfortable you are with the loans and the rigorous hours you’ll rack up in study hall? It’s all about mapping these variables out, so that when you actually arrive at that pivotal moment. You’re just about to ready to dive into your exciting new undertaking, so have complete confidence in yourself.


Network, network, and then network some more!


There’s an age old saying that says it’s all about who you know — and it couldn’t be more true! We’re all entrenched in an era dominated by social media apps. There’s no reason why you can’t weave together a vast web of important professional connections by devoting some time every day to an app like LinkedIn. Before you know it, you’ll be swapping messages on there with business owners and employees that could be in companies you’re interested in. That alone is an effective way to ensure your next big career move is taken in the right direction.


Learn the most valuable new skills possible.


With all of us being forced to spend more time at home in our quarantine caves than ever before, now is the perfect time to hop on that computer and enroll in one of those handy dandy online digital marketing classes. Or maybe even the coding route. The economy’s always smiled kindly upon those lines of work, and you won’t have to worry about devoting all your time and energy into learning how to work those jobs, only to end up not being able to get hired.


We’ve touched on some helpful tips to live by when it comes to pursuing your passion, fresh out of a divorce. It can be a disorienting time and a general rollercoaster of emotions. So, it’s important to keep a level head, and not get carried away by the intoxicating rush of competing desires with all that newfound freedom. Just reference any of these tips, and you’ll be alright!