Exciting and Innovative Hotel Bar Ideas

For people who travel a lot, there’s nothing better than getting home after a long day and enjoying a drink at the hotel bar. Creative and exciting hotel bars can make a vacation even more special and amazing. As a hotel owner, it will be an added element to your establishment to invest in an innovative hotel bar. Not only will this be exciting for your guests, but it will also be a way to bring other customers in as well.

Exciting, innovative hotel bars can be the talk of the city, the star of Instagram posts, and a highlight of your institution that draws more guests to stay. Have fun creating a unique and special bar that is whimsical, modern, or classic. With so many ways to serve alcoholic beverages, you want to be a distributor with style and flair. Here are a few exciting and innovative hotel bar ideas that may work for your establishment.

Give the tourists what they want.

Especially if you live in a touristy city that boasts a lot of out-of-town visitors, you may have success simply giving the tourists what they want. In New Orleans, go all out with a Mardi Gras theme and serve beignets and gumbo along with your drinks. Pay homage to the Big Apple and Broadway with themed cocktails at your NYC hotel bar. Or prove that they do “everything bigger in Texas” with large portions for the drinks and bartenders in cowboy hats. In a way, this is the best time to lean into the stereotypes of your city and have fun supporting these ideas that make your city unique.

Add a bar to your poolside location.

Dynamic hotels may also have pools and outdoor cabanas where guests can relax and enjoy great drinks. You can even start a bar where you serve beverages right to guests in the pool. Set up a pool bar where you can distribute a fun brew, refreshing cider, creative cocktail, or sparkling wine while people float by soaking up the sun. Between a Swimming pool contactor in Emmaus, PA or a professional in Miami, FL, you should easily be able to find people who can help you design a great pool bar that is completely outside the box.

Go with a classic, speakeasy feeling.

While we can all agree Prohibition was a rough time in America, the feeling of a turn of the century speakeasy can make a great bar theme. You can even make your hotel bar feel exclusive by putting it in a secret location with a password and everything. Play 1920s music and keep the lights dimmed for a fun experience that people can really get into. Costumes are fully welcome at your classic bar inside your timeless hotel!

Enjoy a modern look with creative cocktails.

So many hotel bars are now utilizing a more modern feel and minimalistic look. In these locations, you can really let your creative cocktails shine. Go above and beyond by taking products from your alcoholic beverage distributor and making unique drinks with amazing garnishes. People constantly talk about cocktails made with dry ice or fun spins on old standards. Create the perfect, modern hotel bar with awesome drinks that people will rave about.

Take advantage of a rooftop bar experience.

There’s truly nothing like a rooftop bar. Turn the top floor or rooftop of your hotel into a great space that can host big events or simple nights out for friends and family. Add creative greenery and plenty of photo opportunities to get people in the spirit when they’re visiting. This can become a destination for locals and a great spot for your various visitors.