When Should You Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer?

When you think your baby has suffered a birth injury, it can be difficult to think about anything other than your child’s health. However, to be your child’s best advocate, it’s smart to consider hiring a birth injury attorney early on because they can help provide you with resources for future medical expenses through fair compensation on a birth injury claim. While it may be difficult to think about meeting with lawyers and going through a medical malpractice claim now, it could be in your best interest to give a birth injury or personal injury attorney a call. To find out when you should contact a birth injury lawyer, read on.

The Potential for Ongoing Medical Expenses


There are a number of common birth injuries and conditions like shoulder dystocia, Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, and brain damage due to lack of oxygen in the birth canal that are serious and can mean lifelong or permanent disability to a child. These conditions mean an uncertain future that could involve ongoing medical care for the duration of your baby’s life. If your child has any of these conditions or a brain injury due to trauma at childbirth or poor prenatal care, and you suspect your doctor’s at fault, it’s time to call a birth injury lawyer.

Maybe you live in Illinois and have a baby who suffered a serious injury in the birth process. A personal injury lawyer, like those you can find with a Google search for ‘Chicago birth injury lawyers,’ will be able to give you a free consultation to go over any potential medical malpractice suit you may have and work for a fair compensation verdict that will ensure your child’s medical bills are paid. While it could be tempting to wait until your newborn is older, or you’ve settled into a new routine after birth, it’s important to get started on a medical malpractice lawsuit before the statute of limitations to file a claim runs out.

Birth injury lawyers have years of experience in the field of medical malpractice and will be able to give you an honest idea of your legal options and chances of success with your claim in the wrong run. Whether your baby was hurt by forceps or suffered paralysis, getting a birth attorney on your side early in will help ensure the success of your medical malpractice claim and go a long way towards covering future medical expenses.

Serious Birth Injuries


A serious injury like a brain injury caused by lack of oxygen because of a doctor’s decision not to perform a cesarean section can come with long-term expenses and problems a birth injury lawyer can help with. Similar to the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t text while driving, there are just as many why it’s important not to ignore a medical error early in. Waiting on a birth injury case could mean not having the funds to pay for your baby in the future, losing your case altogether, financial ruin down the road, not having what you need for yourself and your child, and fewer options for care.

If your child suffered a spinal cord injury, oxygen deprivation, or even brachial plexus, it’s probably time to initiate a birth injury lawsuit to protect both yourself and your child down the road. This will put you in a better position later to enjoy your child instead of worrying about the financial consequences of your doctor’s negligence.

Second Opinions


The same way you would do research on something simple like tips for saving on electricity, you’ll want to do some research when it comes to hiring a medical malpractice attorney. An experienced birth injury attorney will likely point you in the direction of doctors who can give you second opinions on your baby’s condition and add merit to your case.

If you aren’t sure about whether to file a medical malpractice claim, consider seeing another doctor or specialist on your own before contacting a birth injury lawyer. While that attorney will be able to help you every step of the way through your case, another doctor will be able to help you navigate future care for your child while identifying whether permanent brain damage was caused by another doctor’s carelessness. Securing the support of a medical professional you trust for a second opinion will go a long way towards helping you navigate your future claim, too.

At the end of the day, the final decision on whether to hire a birth injury attorney is up to you. Regardless of your or your child’s birth injuries, you can rest assured about a claim’s outcome if you’ve done your research. Whether that means calling a birth injury lawyer to go over the details of your possible personal injury claim or having gone through second opinions, the decision on how to proceed is best made after some homework and thinking.