How a Storage Unit Can Help Your Business

Running a small business, especially one that’s just starting can be challenging. What’s more, finding ways to stay relevant while keeping your business productive can also take a toll on your business. Luckily, a business storage unit can ease some of this stress in several ways. Self-storage business units are growing in their demand, and in this article, we explore the four ways in which they can give your business a boost.

1. Document Storage


Although we’re now in the digital age, many small businesses still use traditional methods to archive sensitive business documents. These documents may end up filling several boxes with paperwork. For businesses that operate from home, this can put an enormous strain on the workspace. What’s more, considering that these documents carry sensitive business information, it can be a security concern if these documents aren‚Äôt stored securely.

Storage units can also provide business owners with a safe and cost-effective way to store classified documents, such as tax information and employee records. What’s more, the extra storage space will allow your business to free up some office space and reduce clutter. Storage units for business come with a variety of storage features, such as 24/7 surveillance, climate control settings, and individual key codes for business owners to store important documents and safeguard files from theft and discoloration.

Climate-controlled storage units manage the temperature within the storage unit to make sure that your documents don’t get damaged over time. High levels of humidity can fade the ink used on most documents, and in some cases, this type of damage can render some official government documents void. Before storing your documents in a storage facility, ensure that they’re securely held in airtight packaging to prevent any discoloration or moisture damage.

2. Short-Term Storage


Cast iron pipe repairs are growing more common than ever. What’s more, if your office’s rental property was built before 1975, your plumbing most likely consists of cast-iron pipes. This is a problem because the shelf life of cast iron pipes is estimated to be between 40 and 50 years. These days, however, old cast iron pipes are beginning to fold earlier than usual, creating a problem for homeowners and small business owners alike.

If your business is among the 76 million properties in the United States that have cast iron pipes, your plumbing may need repairs soon. If your business is undergoing renovations, a self-storage unit is a great way to temporarily store your office belongings during the process. For added convenience, choose a self-storage company that also offers professional moving services to help you have an easier moving process.

Your office items are likely to vary in size, so to ensure that all your belongings have adequate storage space, select a self-storage facility that offers a mixture of unit sizes.

3. Business Conference Center


To get the most out of your business storage facility, consider a storage company that offers additional business solutions. Most small business owners may need extra space to hold business meetings or to conduct staff training. If you find that your business needs have grown to require such add-ons, working with storage vendors who offer fully equipped business conference centers can help you meet this need at an affordable price.

Most business storage facilities that offer conference solutions also include amenities such as free Wi-Fi, convenient access, large screens, printer access, and an overall comfortable work environment. Businesses with various needs can profit from using a self-storage unit to store their assets. The best property managers in Tucson also recommend business storage units because they provide a safe place to store items giving business owners the peace of mind to know that their belongings are protected while they focus on other work duties.

4. Restaurant Storage


If you’re a restaurant owner, renting a storage unit can help you organize your business by allowing you to store seasonal restaurant equipment, inventory, and furniture. A self-storage unit is ideal to store your restaurant‚Äôs outdoor furniture during the colder months. When storing outdoor furniture, such as chairs, for instance, stack them as high as you can to make the most of the space in the storage unit.

Restaurants tend to have excess equipment, including crockery and cutlery that they don’t have storage space for in the actual restaurant. A storage unit can help ease this clutter by providing a storage solution for excess crockery and other restaurant appliances. As a safety precaution, make sure that the fragile items are wrapped securely to prevent damage during storage.

If you’re a caterer, renting a storage unit that is close to your business and event location can make it easier for you to pick up your supplies when you need them. What’s more, the best storage units come equipped with video camera surveillance, personal access codes, and 24-hour access, meaning that you can access your supplies conveniently, while trusting that they are securely stored.