3 Upgrades To Make in Your Bathroom

Becoming a homeowner can be a sweet experience, especially if it’s your first time. As a homeowner, your home’s value on the housing market depends on its exterior and interior spaces and how they appeal to the trends, hence the need for regular upgrades. However, beyond the financial value, upgrading your bathroom is essential, especially if it’s where you spend a lot of time. On that note, here are three upgrades to make in your bathroom.

1. Plan the floor design.


Theming your floors and ceilings around the same design inspiration or style is a great option, as it creates uniformity. This is when good tiling comes in. The tiles in your bathroom can significantly impact the overall look. The good news is that the bathroom tiling industry has consistently evolved over the years. Today, you can find several alternatives, including porcelain tiles and hardwood floors.

One key feature to consider in choosing your flooring accessories is how well they withstand water. No doubt, it’s essential to prioritize durability and safety in the bathroom at the expense of design preferences. Luckily, getting waterproof flooring installers via the internet is easier than moving from one flooring showroom to another. A quick Google query for “waterproof flooring in the Lewisville, TX area” can bring up several options in your surrounding communities.

2. Remodel your shower area professionally.

Home improvements in your bathroom can take many different forms, but upgrading your home shouldn’t always be expensive. What truly matters is to pick your projects based on your unique interests. For example, bathtubs aren’t a thing for everyone, and many people are perfectly okay with their showers. But several others fancy a bubble bath every once in a while. If you’re one of such people, it’s essential to transition from being passionate about it to actually making things happen.

Tub conversions can give your bathroom a luxurious appeal and can significantly increase your home’s resale value, especially for large families with kids. Several health studies also show that installing a bathtub can be a great way to de-stress and reduce anxiety. What’s more, it stimulates your skin’s touch receptors, relieving tense muscles, and the steam from hot baths can also help clear your lungs.

However, note that you may need expert installers with years of experience to help you actualize the vision for your bathtub. Friendly remodelers can also afford you a unique customer experience that ensures a seamless process when transforming your bathroom.

3. Use some paint here and there.


The smallest bathroom upgrades can make a significant difference, and choosing the right colors for your bathroom can be one of the numerous little things, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Earthy colors and monochromes can be good ideas if you’re looking for something classic or minimalistic. The color white, for instance, never goes out of style and gives your walls a sharp and crisp look. Satin finish paint should be fine for most bathrooms, as satin is more durable, shinier, and easy to clean.

Painting jobs can churn more appealing results if you look at your bathroom as one project with many parts. That way, you can choose colors that fit well not only with your walls but other parts, including your faucets, drawer knobs, and window frames. Also, note that color can have several implications beyond aesthetics and can impact moods and help people manage their stress levels. Many companies in the United States incorporate color therapy in their architectural designs to improve employee productivity, providing a conducive working environment.

All in all, bathrooms can be great spaces to enjoy your home’s comfort at its peak. They can also afford you a significant value boost on the market. Therefore, upgrading your bathroom following these tips can never be a miss.