3 Big Renovations To Consider for Your New Home

Home renovations are an excellent way to boost a residential property’s value. Many homeowners undertake big renovations to recoup significant returns on investment when they put their properties on the market. No doubt, sprucing up a residential property can send the price soaring if done correctly. However, the challenge for most homeowners is deciding which upgrade to do that is worth the hassle and expense. This article features three big renovations to consider for your new home.

1. Additional Amenities


Amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, wine cellars, hot tubs, ponds, game rooms, and in-house cinemas can add value to your home. These may cost a fortune to install as most of these amenities pose high-maintenance hassle and safety hazards. So, don’t expect potential homebuyers to pay a high price whenever you decide to list the property.

There’s nothing wrong with adding amenities to your home. It’s your home, and it’s okay to upgrade it to your taste. But it helps to be careful about the type of renovations you make. Ensure these additions fit into the environment where your property is based, otherwise, you might have trouble selling your home.

For example, let’s say you’re listing cabins for sale in a high-altitude area. The addition of an outdoor swimming pool might not be ideal, especially the region you live is cold. You’ll end up hiring a brokerage firm or listing broker to upsell on your behalf. This might end up costing you more.

2. Roofing

As a homeowner, you must adopt a more strategic approach when upgrading your home. When choosing big renovation projects, try to focus on the ones that will bring significant value while maintaining the property’s curb appeal and value. For starters, fix the leaky roof in your home. A leaking roof can potentially cause some serious damage to your home if you don’t do something about it immediately. To repair a leaking roof, you have to find the source of the leak. Nine times out of ten, it’s either a crack or a broken pipe in the roof.

In most cases, it’s best to hire a general contractor to handle your exterior remodeling needs. Your preferred contractor should have years of experience working in the roofing industry. Aside from undertaking roof repair jobs, professional roofers also provide roof replacement services. Ideally, a professional roofing contractor should be able to help you pinpoint the location of the leak and fix it. Nowadays, roofing companies do more than roof repair or replacement services. Some contractors handle exterior renovations and storm damage restoration.

If you’re contemplating upgrading your roof, contact a local roofing company within your locality with at least a decade of experience. The local roofer should be able to handle the home improvement project. Say you reside in the Cranberry township community; it makes sense to hire a Cranberry Township roofing company, given their extensive knowledge of the terrain. Choose a roofing company that works with only the best products and provides exceptional installation services at competitive prices.

3. New Bathroom


Bathroom renovations are often seen as the most attractive way to add value to a home. They’re often at top of many homeowners’ lists, considering that they can give the property a comparative advantage over other competing properties in the neighborhood. Homeowners who execute big bathroom renovations come close to recouping their investments whenever they list their properties on the real estate market.

Other home renovation projects like installing new siding and windows tend to generate at least 80 percent of their costs during resale. Similarly, upgraded kitchens and energy-saving upgrades offer some good returns on investment.